About the company

Digital Arts Sales Corporation (DASC) is registered with the Philippine Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) since April 19, 2001.The DASC board is composed of professionals in various entrepreneurial fields from banking and Finance industries, business of heavy equipment supply to steel industries and broadcast / CATV business.

With a paid-up capital of more than Ten (10) million pesos at present, DASC is one of the major players in Enterprise Systems in the Philippines specializing on e-commerce, mobile commerce, and business solutions for various industries. One of its innovative products being used today is the electronic-document (e-Docs).

Our expertise

  • Telecommunications

  • Cable Communications

  • Wireless Communications

  • Banks

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Prepaid Cards

  • Trading Companies

  • Manufacturers

  • Assembling Plants

  • Electronic Trades and Exchanges

  • Service Oriented Companies

  • Business Application

  • Enterprise Application

  • Equipment Automation

  • System Automation

  • JavaTM Application

  • JavaTM Server Page (JSP)

  • JavaTM Enterprise Bean

  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

  • Short Message Service (SMS)

  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

  • Data Mediation

  • OracleTM Relational Database Management System

  • WindowsTM

  • MacintoshTM

  • UNIX

  • Linux

  • Sun SolarisTM