ICL to eDesk File Converter

Continuing our efforts to provide the banks with solutions for the upcoming CICS implementation by PCHC, DASC introduces the ICL (Image Cash Letter) to eDesk (FIM/RIM/IDX) File Converter. This solution offers the banks the following benefits:

  • Cost savings by allowing the banks to continue to use their existing check verification systems and other applications that utilizes the eDesk (FIM/RIM/IDX) or exported image files.

  • The time-saving advantage of directly converting the ICL files to the exact format of the exported image files from the PCHC Image Viewer.

  • Allow better manpower management and process scheduling by providing REAL TIME conversion. Convert the ICL files as they are received at the PBM from PCHC. This will allow the banks to perform their check verification and other processes throughout the day and not wait to receive the converted files from PCHC at end of day.

  • Provide flexibility to the banks by giving them time to develop/acquire solutions that will utilize the ICL files from CICS.

For evaluation, you may download a Time Limited Trial copy of our latest version of ICL to eDesk File Converter here for Windows 32 bit or 64 bit.

For sales and inquires, email us at sales@da2001.com