Core Products


A fully integrated, easy to use Business System that automates and integrates everything from accounting to marketing through production and inventory.

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A fully dynamic and highly customizable system that can be used for secured archiving and retrieval and/or distribution of various types of documents.

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Other products

ICL to eDesk File Converter

DASC introduces the ICL to eDesk File Converter. It converts the Image Cash Letter (ICL) files from CICS to eDesk (FIM/RIM/IDX) Files and also to the image files that are exported by the PCHC Image Viewer. This will allow the banks to use their current check verification systems and other applications that use the eDesk or exported image files. This is the same File Converter being used by PCHC.

Image Cash Letter Tool

DASC would like to present its solution to address Image Cash Letter (ICL) handling called DASC Image Cash Letter Tool.

STPC: Straight-Through Processing for ECS of PCHC

STPC was built by DASC from ground up but special requirements are covered by customizations and will be offered as part of the package.

DASC File Replica Server v.1.0 Build 503 (Trial Version)

DASC File Replica is a powerful, easy to use utility for File Synchronizations and File Versioning.

e2B Payroll System

The e2B Payroll System is a fully automated, paperless and secure solution for your companies payroll needs.